7 questions with: marko petkovic of marko’s treats

we sat down with local ice cream slinger, marko petkovic, to see just who is this guys you see riding around town with is umbrella-ed cart full of ice cream.

1. how did you get here?  My father immigrated to the United States on the Queen Mary’s last trip to the US from Europe.  It just so happened that both my Dad and the Queen Mary chose to reside in the same place.  My mom graduated from Millikan and my father has been a Teacher/coach in the LBUSD school district for many years.

2. describe your long beach in 3 words…Diversity, Pride, and Snoop

3. if you had just 24 hours left in long beach, what would you do? I would start at Eldorado Park by playing a round of Disc Golf.  Then I would head to Long Beach State and bomb all the hills on campus with my skateboard.  After that I would have lunch at Baja Sonora on Clark. I’d eat a serving of chips with each one of their salsa’s along with my veggie burrito.  While I’m in the neighborhood I’d stop by Dipiazza’s and thank Mark for all the opportunities I was given to perform as a young musician.  Then I would head to Belmont Shore and make use of the green bike lane with my unicycle.  I’d cut to the beach path once I made it to Wells Fargo.  Then I would attempt ride along the coast until I made it to the lighthouse in Shoreline Park. I like to sit on top of the hill, and look at the Queen Mary.  I see it as a symbol of my American dream.  After that I would make my rounds to all the businesses that made me feel like I was family.  Shout out to 1897LB and the East Village family.  The Port Restaurant on Broadway and all the security guards/bouncers in Downtown the help make my job safer at night.  Fern’s on 4th for letting me DJ whatever I want to play, and occasionally letting me use ice cream as worthy barter.  Panama Joe’s for supporting all my random ice cream related endeavors.  Shades of Afrika for sharing history and knowledge every time I walk in.  And many more….  If I could keep my eyes open into the late night hours I’ve always wanted to see how many 24-hour Donut shops I could happen upon on my bicycle.  

4. is there anything about long beach you’d change? Do I have to have a solution?  Solving the parking situation would be a nice change.  I’ve literally had to park a half mile from my house on a regular basis.

5. why are you so passionate about what you do? I am a random and spontaneous person,  the ice cream tricycle helps me hold myself together.  I’m the type of person that likes to have new hobby every week, now I try to use these hobbies to help fulfill the multiple aspects that are necessary in running my own business.

6. what’s your favorite small business in long beach? The lonely can-collector  I’ve always been inspired by can-collectors.  Like me, many of them test the limits of what a bicycle can hold.  I like to stop and talk to them on my routes.  They work very hard, and help make sure that our recyclables don’t end up in the trash.  Some of my family would probably get frustrated when I say this because I am educated, but I am not afraid of going broke because I know I have a an inexpensive start-up business plan if I fail at ice cream.

7. what makes a true long beachian? I was born in Long Beach.  Graduate from Millikan High School, graduated from Long Beach State.  The first music album I wanted to buy as a 9-year-old was Warren G’s Regulate-the G-funk era.  If I don’t get recognized as an ice cream man in Long Beach, I get recognized as Coach Pek’s son.  My father, Rod Petkovic, has created a great legacy in Long Beach as Millikans Men’s soccer coach.  Now I want to make my own Legacy.  I want to help prove that the simple american dream still exists in the LBC.  

what: Marko’s Treats is a vintage style ice cream cart business with modern versatility. Based in Long Beach, Marko’s Treats uses it’s mobile ability to cover many different neighborhoods and markets.  Marko Petkovic, owner and founder, hopes to offer more than just ice cream to consumers.  He works to build community in Long Beach and inspire others to start their own small businesses.  Marko’s Treats strives to use a simple American dream to unlock unlimited potential and growth.  Whether it be food, entertainment, education, etc..,  Marko’s Treats wants to cater to your needs.

photo by: Heberto Jose Ferrer