7 questions with: kimberly latham of anneise…

meet kimberly. photo by: valerie tucker

we sat down with ohio transplant, kimberly latham, to find out more about her & her shop on 1st & linden, anneise and of course ask her our 7 questions…

1. how did you get here?
in a 21ft RV traveling 2,500 miles cross-county.

2. describe your long beach in 3 words…
diverse, big, small.

3. If you had just 24 hours left in long beach, what would you do?
i’d have to finally take a dip in the ocean, kinda afraid to do that in long beach’s water. i help volunteer with the 2nd saturday beach clean up and based from the stuff i’ve found wash up from the beach, i’m not likely to enter the water anytime soon.

4. is there anything about long beach you’d change?
their libraries!!!! they are so poorly funded and underused here. one of the first things i did when i arrived in long beach was get a library card and i haven’t been back. the materials are dated, the facilities are in poor condition, its barely free, and if i want to even get inside the downtown long beach branch, i have to pass skid row first. libraries are so important to the enrichment of communities and it’s up to us to save them.

5. why are you so passionate about what you do?
because you don’t start a small business for the money.

6. what’s your favorite small business in long beach?
hmmm…district wine! angela and mark do an amazing job! they search for the most delicious wines and make you feel so welcome when you visit. great products + amazing customer service= successful small business. it’s a simple formula, but i see many businesses mess it up.

7. what makes a true long beachian?
i’m still learning the answer to that question. i think because of all the diversity, you have to be very tolerably to live here. but I’ve never once met anybody that wasn’t proud to live in long beach. and we should be, we have the best of both worlds, the beach and the city.

what & where: “ANNEISE came about when i became a mother. i’d been working as a clothing designer and i wanted more flexibility, so i could be there for my growing family. the name ANNEISE was actually created if we had a girl, but we had a boy. the name is a combination of my eldest sister’ name, ann and my husband’s eldest sister’s name, neise. so the unused name seemed perfect for the shop. i describe the shop as “a warm environment offering fun and beautiful designs.” i use my background to hunt for items that are well designed and affordably priced.”