Creative City Crosswalks

It looks like the “Emerald City” is leaving behind the days of those boring white parallel lines. It’s fitting that a city surrounded by lush greenery (hence the verde nickname) will now be bringing color to their streets as well. Seattle’s Department of Transportation announced this week that it will permit its community members to customize their neighborhood crosswalks to their liking.


Seattle DOT is making funds available for the project, allowing each neighborhood a chance to apply and submit a design. The city will have to approve each neighborhood’s proposed design before going forward.

Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray said, “This is about celebrating and enhancing community identities, I’m excited to see more history, culture, and community on display for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

photo: brandon shigeta
photo: brandon shigeta

What would a project like this look like in our city? Long Beach recently teamed up with Pow Wow Long Beach for some great mural projects on local LB buildings. This crosswalk idea doesn’t seem like a too far out there concept for our city to embrace.

Would a concept like this enable our neighborhoods and citizens to have a little more pride in ownership in their communities? Heck, revamping our crosswalks might even make people more likely to use them!

At the end of the day, we think this project has a real potential of fostering better relations between community residents and our local government. Having an artful and positive representation of your neighborhood for visitors and residents to enjoy sounds like a great plan to us!

What do you think?



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